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YouTube Channel

October 11, 2022

Guided practices for grounding, self-compassion and forgiveness, and working with fear of criticism.

New Services

August 9, 2022

I now offer online life coaching, helping individuals creating a future for they want for themselves. I’m also offering in person and online Somatic Experiencing sessions. Somatic Experiencing is a gentle approach to working with the nervous system and the part of our brain that makes the assessment of “am I safe enough or do I need to go into flight, fight, or freeze?”. In addition, I’m offering free gentle yoga and group grief support sessions. For life coaching and other online services, go to

Flood Building Location & nice press

February 17, 2017

Starting February 25th, I’ll be in the Flood Building (870 Market) Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

Nice press in the chronicle:

Community Yoga Class at Laughing Lotus

February 20, 2015

Lisa will be teaching a 75 minute vinyasa class at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in the mission on Thursday, March 12th at 2:30pm. Class is by donation and for all levels. Proceeds go to the charity of the month.

For more information:, 3271 16th St (at Dolores), San Francisco, CA 94103.

Would love to see you there!

Community Yoga Class at Laughing Lotus

January 6, 2014

Lisa will be teaching a free/donation based vinyasa class at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center (3271 16th St, at Dolores, San Francisco, on Tuesday, February 4th at 2:30-3:45pm.

Massage with Gentle Yoga

May 8, 2011

Lisa will be assisting with massage for Lauren Slater’s Gentle Yoga class on Fridays at 6:15pm at Stanyan Yoga Tree during the month of June. Lauren is a wonderful teacher and dancer. More information about her can be found at, and about Yoga Tree at

Lisa Woo, Licensed Massage Therapist

December 22, 2009
Lisa has been a licensed massage therapist since 2005.  As a dancer and runner, she enjoys moving and working on those who do as well.  She was the massage therapist for the cast of the 2005 Cirque Eloize’s Rain.  Lisa has an unusually diverse and well rounded bodywork education from which to customize each session based on the needs and preferences of her clients.  Lisa has an excellent knowledge of the human body and is committed to continuing her education concerning bodywork and health from varying perspectives and approaches.  Her customized sessions are characterized by deep presence, attention, and specificity to anatomy.  Often her work emphasizes deep tissue, joint mobilization, stretching, and shiatsu techniques with incorpation of suble energetic modalites such as Jin Shin acupressure and Cranialsacral therapy.